Monday, May 17, 2010

Books, Bucks, and Giraffes

Just put up another review. The last couple of books have been amazing I think. Edifying, challenging, disturbing. All at once it seems. I would really like to be able to discuss the last two with someone else, but right now I know of no one that would be interested. Alas.

Meant to write something here before the last review but that didn't happen. So after will do. Do you suppose that oil leak in the Gulf is quasi-controlled now? Not seeing much from the media on the net about it. In fact one of the sites I saw had already moved on to conjecture about whether California is due for the "big one" soon. Sort of like, what became of Haiti in the news? Guess there's no news merit after a couple of weeks.

Just remembered, tomorrow is primary day here. The weather is supposed to be rainy too. Don't know who that favors. Be interesting to see how the incumbents from either party do. I'm saving my final wrath for November. Can't vote in the other party primary and they have the currently sitting senator. With the summer recess coming it's going to get interesting especially for the Senate.

Speaking of interesting. How's this for a thought. China supposedly holds the mortgage for the world now and it looks like it's got a worthless piece of paper. How does that giant, enormous amount of money get paid? If they turn off the cash their markets dry up. If they continue they join the rest of the world in the crisis eventually. Looks pretty dire for the emerging economies. Guess everyone will have to suck it up and move on declaring some piece of paper valuable and fit for use as a trading medium. Weird.

Just added giraffes to the title. No reason, just didn't want more alliteration. We don't have any in this area at all. Maybe the zoo a couple hours from here? What we do have are invisible turkey. They have been nesting for a while, but generally a couple will wander through the yard. Not lately. Guess everyone is sticking close to home trying to stay warm. The cold snap we had lately supposedly did that to them. I don't know for sure, but they aren't moving now. The chicks should be about small chicken size by now. If you've not seen a turkey chick, they are the poster child for a face only a mother could love. Down covered ugly with a beak.

How do you end this sort of conglomeration of topics? Add one more and just leave. Seems right. I've got an orchid that has finished blooming and a short set of instructions what to do with it now. One stalk finished earlier and I did what the instructions said do and you know that nothing happened? Now that the other stalks are done, do I try to keep it going or not? Have to consider it's fate later. The drier awaits now.

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