Monday, May 3, 2010

Review: Plan B

Plan B
Pete Wilson
Thomas Nelson

Plan B: What Do You Do When God Doesn’t Show Up the Way You Thought He Would? is the full title of this work and gives you a big hint at the way the author approaches the topic. We do have certain expectations of God that He doesn’t meet either on time or in our preferred manner.

This work is an easy read and it eventually gets into the heart of the issue. The first couple of chapters lay a foundation that Pete Wilson will continue to build on, so persevere through them. Yes, I am saying the first chapters were enough to put off many readers. And yes, I am saying that if you stay with it the work does improve and enough for me to say that there is merit to what he says.

Another author started his book with where this one ends up, and in many ways Plan B might reach where the other didn’t by walking the reader to the point when the “It’s all about God, not you.” moment arrives it’s received more easily.

This author’s candid admission that he did not have all the answers was refreshing in that it is the real answer to his title question. He does offer advice and examples from his life, friends and Biblical characters to help us find our way through the Plan B times though. His tone is authentic and friendly.

In the end the book offers more comfort than advice and, for me, that is what some of the other books like this lack. I’d recommend this book to anyone working in the Plan B or further on in the alphabet times of life.

This was book was provided to me by Thomas Nelson in return for a review, positive or otherwise, on their BookSneeze site.

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