Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Marriage, Prop 8, and Other Stuff

Need to put up a post.  Need to!  Just gotta do it!  Why?  Don't know. Just want to express myself I guess.  Why does anyone do this?  

Celebrated another wedding anniversary last week.  A whole bunch of years.  Had no idea when I got married I'd see this many years go by.  The young can't think in those terms.  Not sure the old can either.  I'll let you know when I get there.  Took the day and visited a Renoir exhibit and ate a cheesesteak sans the cheese.  Enjoyed it.  Even decided to renew the contract for another year.  That's the way we've done since the beginning so why not continue the tradition?  Was it easy staying married?  Most of the time.  Yeah, there were times that one more day seemed impossible, but I guess it was possible since I'm still here.  Maybe that's how it works.  

Speaking of marriage---Prop 8 in California is history now.  Unless the Supreme Court does something unexpected.  The idea was lame to begin with and the court proceedings even more so from the media reports.  So many questions attached to this issue that I don't know how to reconcile it all in my head.  Assuming that's even possible. Are some things so disparate that they cannot be reconciled?  I suspect so, but not sure if that applies to this issue for me.  Still pondering and still realizing that what I think doesn't matter to anyone else.  I just need to figure it out for my own peace of mind.

So now that the oil isn't gushing into the gulf what will become of all the calls for real regulation and inspection?  Or the R&D to find faster, better, safer ways to minimize the damage from the next leaking well?  Umm, probably the same as before.  Nada.  The news coverage has already died off and soon it'll be like other disasters like Haiti or Iraq.  Forgotten in the need for ratings.  And Congress?  Oh, that's right.  It's an election year.  No time to do the right thing, must get re-elected.  Promises and more promises and little or no action.  Can't wait for November.  Guess that makes me an anti-incumbent voter.  Keep voting them out until I get one that will do his job.  Can't screw it any more than it already is IMO.

So much for the opinions.  They are mine though, so I guess I still have the right to say so in a public area.  If not I suppose the thought police will banish me to somewhere lovely.

Haven't mentioned my cat lately.  He's settled in nicely now.  Still plays a little and loves to snoop.  Open door = invitation to enter.  Closed door = opportunity to practice opening said door.  Related to the open door he thinks the outdoors is just another area to explore and tries to do so any chance he gets.  Not a good idea though, so with some help form a spray bottle he doesn't bolt through as frequently any more.  Another cat maxim is water = bad.  That one supercedes the open door maxim.  Works quite well as a deterrent.  Glad somebody suggested it to us.

This has gotten longer than I anticipated so it must be time to quit.  So I will.


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