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Carina Nebula and Hope

Thought I’d try out a new program.  It’s the direct result of my trying to lobotomize my computer yesterday.  No details here, much too embarrassing.  The picture depicts where I sent it to though.  And the state it was in when it arrived.  Pretty amazing that I can type this today actually.  Recovery discs are very, very good things.  If you don’t have one…  Nah, not going to go there.  The picture is the Carina Nebula from the NASA site.
It’s a shame we can’t fund them as well as we probably should or that some people think the whole idea is a giant waste.  For me, seeing this sort of picture reminds me that big events are a matter of perspective.  Not to diminish either the triumph or defeat, the joy or sorrow we know on this planet, but that there is more out there.  We need that sort of hope.  Or I do.  Romanticized?  Absolutely and why not?
Hope.  A noun or a verb?  Both or neither.  Whatever it is I know when it’s around and when it isn’t.  I’m just now getting to a place where it isn’t so scarce.  And I’m liking it.  Some might say it is a matter of perspective.  Others think it’s focus.  Others have decided it’s the neurotransmitters coming back into balance.  I think it just might be a giant dose of Cheezits.  Well, maybe not. 
What I have noticed is that the less I watch some of the TV political rantings, the better I sleep and feel.  Seems like we as a people have gone into the navel gazing, woe is me mode in double over time.  Yes, the economy isn’t as robust as we remember it and money is tight.  Is that the end of the world?  We refuse jobs that pay less than we want and keep drawing unemployment.  I understand the why’s of that, but not totally.  If things really were as bad as some would have us believe, how can that be happening.  Just some thoughts. 
Just tried the preview and this program is nice.  I suspect that if my blog were fancier this would even better appreciated.  Let’s see if it’ll post now.


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