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Summer, Simmer, School

YikesThis month is nearer gone and I'm just now realizing that.  Seems like that is a recurring theme lately. 

Speaking of recurring themes---DADT just got put on the back burner in the Senate.  Not surprised.  I think it was expected and just in time for it to be an issue for the midterms.  That had to a coincident, of course.  So now, I guess they back up and try it again.  Except a bunch of them need to go campaign, so is there any time?  Did the GaGa rally help or hinder or just offer a side show? The Senators from that state certainly weren't moved by it.  Oh well, like so many things lately it'll just have to wait.  Wait for the Congress, but I wonder what the Executive Branch can do?

Summer is almost officially over.  Just a couple of more days now.  Where I live the pools are closed, the private ones, too, and the AC's have been pulled out of the windows.  Very few people here have central units.  Except for allergies and extended warm spells really don't need them.  So with us.  Nice to have those windows open for air and view again. 

Biggest news for me lately is that I'm a school girl again and liking it.  Online seminary courses are the way to go for me.  I do have to admit I thought they'd be less challenging than they really are.  Rude surprise for me!  OK.  Regroup and get after it.  Academic reads do require more focus.  So more is what they'll get henceforth.  Time to get serious with it.

So why am I here and not studying?  Um.  To limber up my fingers for some real typing?  Yeah.  Not procrastination.  Certainly not!  Just to prove it, I'm gong to end here and switch over to the study mode.  Actually, I discovered that letting things simmer a little helps, but simmer time is over.


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