Thursday, November 1, 2012

Review: Jesus: Pure and Simple by Wayne Cordeiro

Review: Jesus: Pure and Simple
Wayne Cordeiro
Bethany House Publishers

I have to admit I had not heard of this author until I received this book for review. Judging from this list of his other titles I have been living on another planet recently. All that is corrected now.

Jesus: Pure and Simple reminds the reader about what is most important in his relationship with Jesus. Jesus, Himself. The basis of this book could be from either a verse from the Sermon on the Mount (Matt 6:33) or one from Revelation 2 (the letter to the Church at Ephesus). The focus is the same. And this is serves as a good reminder of focus.

Throughout the book the author speaks of different distractions that distort or blur our focus on the “things above.” Dissatisfaction really spoke volumes about the climate today. The quote that stuck with me was “staying near the door” and related to that Cordeiro’s reminder to focus more on how many are not within the Church (read “Kingdom of God”, or how ever your tradition describes the Church universal) than how many are inside your church. Ouch! for all that tend to get too wrapped up in bigness.

The book is an easy read and filled with helpful, insightful and useful guidance for anyone from the pulpit to the pew. I do recommend this book. The author has included some questions for consideration at the end of each chapter which could be used for private or group study.

I received this book from Bethany House Publishers for review.

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