Friday, November 9, 2012

Review: What on Earth Am I Here For? by Rick Warren

Review: What on Earth Am I Here For?
Rick Warren

It’s been 10 years already? Yes, it has, and in that time another generation has grown up and is asking what life is all about. So it’s time for an updated edition of this book.

The first thing I noticed when I received this book was the crisp clean design for the dust jacket. Much nicer, cleaner look than the earlier edition. Inside there’s a new font, paper and page setup. Then there’s those nifty little QR links. Yes, I did check them and they work just fine, as did the other links related to this study. It’s all free, too. Except the book, of course. There are even listening guides to download if you want to follow along with the discussion that accompanies each week’s focus. So far I am impressed with this anniversary edition.

The original text was maintained here with the addition of a couple of new chapters at the end. Those two chapters are helpful. They cover a couple of the major pitfalls that most of us know all too well,envy and people-pleasing. As with the rest of this study, Warren covers these topics well too, in my opinion.

The general topic, “What on earth am I here for?”, covers a huge territory, but the author has approached it well and presents enough material so that by the time a person is finished with this study he’ll have enough information and encouragement to examine his own life and formulate some plans that he’d liked to see accomplished in his own life. The student will also have a better idea of his own place in the grand scheme of things.

As I read through this book, I realized that those of us who have already been through the study could benefit from a refresher course, too. So this new edition isn’t just for the younger generation. Maybe a checkup to see how we are doing with our lives?

Yes, I recommend this book. Do I agree with every word? No, and that isn’t the point. Direction, focus, and a sense of my place in the world is. Warren has a book that makes you look and decide for yourself about those issues.

This book was provided by Zondervan in exchange for this review in conjunction with BookSneeze.

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