Saturday, September 28, 2013

Review: NIV Pink Bible: An Invitation to Hope published by Zondervan

Review: NIV Pink Bible: An Invitation to Hope

This is a special issue of the NIV prepared for “any woman whose life has been affected by breast cancer”.  Yes, I borrowed that description from Zondervan website since it was so well stated.  This is the NIV and I will not comment on the content of the Bible itself since that is for experts in that area to concern themselves with.  

The copy I received was covered in a synthetic leather two tone pink.  Very nice feel and the size is perfect for carrying.  Only about an inch thick, so not too heavy.  The paper is delicate, and is silver edged.  Typeface is quite readable---even for bifocal sorts like me.  It has a matching ribbon place holder.  I like this book.  

What makes it especially for those affected by breast cancer is the insertion of several pages of uplifting, encouragements from a survivor.  They are short, but address many areas of the journey including the fear, anger and confusion that most encounter with their diagnosis.  They do not detract from the biblical text in my opinion.  Also, a passage index is compiled to help anyone find passages that relate to a number of topics that are pertinent to those in need.   There other features in the afterward, but the passage help seemed most useful to me.  

This book was provided to me by the publisher in return for this review.

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