Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Review: Portraits of Devotion by Beth Moore

Review: Portraits of Devotion
Beth Moore
B&H Publishing Group

I absolutely loved this little book---even before I read any of it.  It is beautifully bound and printed. The cover is a soft imitation leather, embossed with lovely scroll work.  Inside the pages repeat the scroll work at the borders, and printed in a forest green tone coordinated with the cover scroll work…I could go on and on just about this physical presentation of this book, but some of you might want to know about the content.

It is drawn from several of Beth Moore’s Personal Reflection Series that centered on the lives of Jesus, David, John, and Paul.  I cannot comment on whether the individual devotional readings have been edited for this book as I have no experience with that series, but the devotions presented in Portraits of Devotion are well done.  They are insightful, encouraging, and do not stray from the context of the biblical passage chosen for the day.  

The days are numbered rather than dated and I like that better.  Why?  Because day 1 can be the first day I open the book if I like.  The font is easy on my bespectacled eyes for those of us that need to consider that these days.  There is even a ribbon marker.  B&H thought of everything in this book.

I do recommend this book to you.  

I received this book for review from the publisher.     

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