Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Review: The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast by Kristen Feola

Review: The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast
Kristen Feola

This is a fast?!  It looks like something I might actually be able to do.  This book could be almost be called the Daniel Fast kit.  The author discusses fasting, the Daniel fast, includes meal planning and recipes, and a set of devotionals and Scripture passages to read during the fast period.  Your part in this is the fast and the shopping.  She has tips for meal preparation, too.  Makes all the excuses I’d used empty.  The recipes look good to me, but I didn’t kitchen test any of them.  I do make the assumption that they all are tested and accurate as to ingredient proportions.  The photography included in this book makes the different dishes feature look quite tasty.  They would present well without being part of a fast.  There is nothing boring about this particular fast plan.

What I missed was the nutritional listings for the recipes.  Serving sizes are included though just to keep someone like me from eating the whole thing.  I guess if someone has health issues that fasting could affect adversely they would be wise to consult their doctor first.  

So, for those that would like to give fasting a try, this might be the way to go.  It certainly appeals to me.  Pick up a copy and see if you agree or not.

This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for a review.

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