Tuesday, April 14, 2015

HCSB Study Bible: Personal Size from Holman Bible Publishers

HCSB Study Bible: Personal Size
Holman Bible Publishers

The publisher states that this Bible contains comprehensive study notes, full-color maps and reconstructions, and word studies in Greek and Hebrew.  They have not overstated their presence.  The study notes are indeed plentiful, useful and insightful.  The word studies give pronunciation, uses, and focus passage with a short discussion relevant to the term examined.  There are also timelines which I find helpful to keep events and kings sorted out, as are the charts found throughout the entire text that summarize or categorize different areas.  Essays, book introductions and other available features make this an excellent study Bible.  The translation philosophy is given in the introductory sections.  The Biblical text reads easily and plainly.  I recommend this translation and the study aids found here as an excellent study Bible.  Wish I'd had one back when I began this journey.

There is one point that I cannot recommend for this particular volume, the Personal Size edition.  It is listed as a personal size Bible and the size is indeed that.  The issue is that in going for a smaller size the text had to be reduced.  I found it very difficult to read comfortably from this size page and font.  The cross references and notes are for young eyes only and in optimum light.  I would not buy this size volume.  That said, I would invest in this study Bible in its full size version without hesitation.

So this is a mixed review.  Great material in a package (the Personal Size) that has a very limited audience.  Therefore, the final verdict is left for the individual to decide.  If you have no problem reading fine print this one will be OK for you.  For the rest of us, go ahead and spend for the larger version. 

This book was provided by the publisher in return for a review.

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