Thursday, April 2, 2015

Review: Launch Your Encore: Finding Adventure and Purpose Later in Life by Hans Finzel & Rick Hicks

Review: Launch Your Encore: Finding Adventure and Purpose Later in Life
Hans Finzel & Rick Hicks
Baker Books

Retirement?  What to do with all that extra time now that there’s no job filling the hours and the kids are grown?  Kick back and relax for starters, but pretty soon, as these authors point out, that gets old and major boredom sets in.  This book takes a look at precisely this issue within a culture that thrives on doing rather than being, on youthfulness rather than age.  What will you do?  What will you become?  What will become of you?

In the final analysis those questions probably need answers sooner than later.  Finzel and Hicks suggest a way forward through the transition period from leaving your life’s work to entering your encore performance, i.e. the retirement years.  Personality, ability, desires, skills, and other traits point you toward a decision area.  They suggest several assessment tools to help gather that information.  Coasting through the twenty or so years after retirement isn’t a good option according to these authors and their research cited.

So who is the target audience for this book?  The Boomer generation may find some helpful ideas, but they are living it now.  My thought is the primary reader of this book probably needs to be the generations that followed the Boomers.  The reason for a book like this stems from the extended years and improved health that are now possible after retirement.  But will that group buy into this book?  If they are smart, and they are, I think so.

I recommend this book as a good start point for the transition period the Boomers have entered  and  for those that will plan that far in advance for their move into retirement when their time arrives.

I received this book from the publishers in exchange for a review.

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