Friday, May 13, 2016

Review: The Daniel Prayer: Prayer That Moves Heaven and Changes Earth by Anne Graham Lotz

Review: The Daniel Prayer: Prayer That Moves Heaven and Changes Earth
Anne Graham Lotz

One of the endorsements of this book said, “This work will call you out of the doldrums of lackluster faith and beckon you to renewed passion for an age-old spiritual discipline that still has wonder-working power” (Priscilla Shirer).  Absolutely, it will.  I applaud the author and the publisher for the courage to produce this work in this day and time.  Does that mean I agree with every word?  Not necessarily, but there isn’t much room to wiggle either.  
This book is a call to prayer---individually and as the Church---with a view toward revival of the sort we have only read about lately.  The author sounds like one of the prophets of old as she calls to her people back to their roots.  I suspect for many that pick up this book they will find it much too challenging to finish.  Anne Graham Lotz (AGL) does not attack or berate anyone, but as she speaks to the situation her words will touch you.  If you are a Christian reader the Spirit will speak to you through this work.  If you are not a Christian reader it will give you some idea of what it could be like to follow Jesus Christ.  

She patterns The Daniel Prayer on the prayer found in the book of Daniel, chapter nine. The setting of the chapter is that the seventy years of exile for Daniel’s people as foretold by Jeremiah were nearly complete. When Daniel reads the prophecy and realizes the time is near, he prays for his people and himself to be fit for a return to their land and for God to fulfill the prophecy.  AGL believes Daniel’s prayer is appropriate for our time as well.  See if you agree after you read Daniel 9:1-23.

The last section of her book, Patterns for Prayer, has several prayer patterns to help the reader understand what she has been teaching and to use as a guide.  Reading some of those makes me wonder where I’ve been in recent history in my own prayer life.  She makes it crystal clear throughout she in no way thinks she has perfected her own prayer life.  Her section on confession lets the reader walk through some of her struggles. 

I do recommend this book.  It encourages her readers to arise and to meet the challenges before them in prayer that moves Heaven and changes nations.

I received this book from the publisher in return for a review.

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