Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Void Is Not Empty Anymore

Why does the title bar give me reason to not post? Title? Who needs one for this sort of thing? Not me. But if I don't give the post a name, the posting mechanism grabs the first few words and uses them I've discovered. So OK, I'll think up something for that void that must be filled.
Still toying with making this a themed place versus just ramblings. There's a part of me that has to be ordered wants a theme. The rest of me asks why, shrugs and walks off. Same idea as the title bar I suppose. Is the universe ordered or is it chaos? is chaos a kind of order? Can it be predicted or does it just sort of happen? If it's predictable then is it still chaos? Help! That argument is for for all those super scholars to decide. Just thought I'd throw that out for grins.

On a more mundane level, why do my tomato plants and their fruit have some plant disease yet again this year? They get it if it's hot and dry. They get it if it's cool and wet. I'm beginning to think the area might be diseased. The soil or the surrounding plants. All the evergreens and maples in the area have some sort of thing destroying the leaves or what serves as a leaf on the evergreens. Wonder if it's catching? Maybe the birds and bugs spread it? Nothing seems to stop it. So, once again I watch the plants wither and die. If I were an author I could probably write some great tragedy around that idea. Then the scholars of tomorrow could debate if I was talking about my lousy garden or the plight of mankind in Myanmar or downtown Cincinnati. (Apologies to both places if any affront was taken.)

Noticed that missing freighter turned up somewhere it wasn't supposed to be. Wouldn't you love to know the rest of the story? Maybe one of these days it'll come out? The crew, the last I heard, had been transferred to the Russians for questioning. It was their ship despite it's registry elsewhere. Hijacked?

Hmm. Maybe this ship thing could be an idea for Nanowrimo this year. Have to add it to my list of ideas. Now. Before I forget it.

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