Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rotten Tomatoes

The latest from blogworld here. Yawn. Yeah, not much going on where I live. That's a good thing looking at some of the alternatives out there. Getting blown to bits or away topped the headlines today. That and a senator wanting to change the law in his state so they will have some one to vote on healthcare should it come to that. A vote, I mean. Time will tell.
Had to do an intervention of sorts in my garden today. To save the young tomato offspring from their parent plants. The disease or whatever it is has gotten worse and worse threatening any hopes of ripe fruit. So we picked everything that wasn't rotting. They'll taste like store bought now, but maybe a few of them will ripen enough to use. That is a really let down for my taste buds who were eagerly anticipating a real BLT.
Had a whole paragraph written and decided to keep my political opinions to myself for a while longer. A mission trip I took a month or so ago has me wondering about some things I saw. Need to think about it more. Meanwhile I'd loved to go back again. Hope I get the chance.
Found this nifty little item for using a laptop on your lap. It has a fan built into it and it runs off the power from one of the USB ports. Keeps the bottom the computer cool. No more trying to balance the computer so that my knees don't cook. Or am I the only one that has that problem? Guess not, since somebody invented and marketed the idea. Found at an office supply store.
Speaking of computers, there's a program out there that randomly surfs sites in certain categories for you. That's really cool since some of them aren't ones I'd ever found on my own. One of my preference choices was art. Well. There's a bunch of pretty odd stuff out there that shows up. Not necessarily offensive to my sensibilities but definitely pushing the limits. I understand some of the rants I've read about new ways of doing things now. Although... nah.
But what troubles me is the trend to the dark side that keeps showing up. Is the angst that great out there? Another thing that really bothers me is the way children are portrayed. It's disturbing since it shows them either very sad or with features that are provocative in a sexual sort of way. No I'm not a perv or looking for that sort of thing. Just an observer of a trend I see from random galleries that exist. If some of what Maplethorpe exhibited was banned or at least maligned then some of what I've seen is of the same ilk. Yes, I block the sites. Just for anyone that says well don't look then. It's more than not looking it's wondering if certain social and moral taboos are eroding to the point that children are more endangered than we know.
So much for my ramblings today. Now to find a title.

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