Sunday, August 16, 2009

Remember how I was looking for something new to do with a butternut squash? Well, tried a recipe and discovered it was good. Really good. Found it on the web. No, I didn't think to save the link. But, trust me, those squash don't have to have sugar and cinnamon to taste yummy. This recipe basically boiled it, added a few other ingredients, and then pureed it. Pretty color and then it was served with red cabbage that had just a dash of soy sauce. That, too, was a very pleasant surprise. So to whoever posted that recipe many thanks. Now I've found to courage to try a few of the other ideas I've seen.
Looked up the nutritional info on it and that's even more good news. Eat, and eat some more, if you like because it's nearly free calorie wise, and has lots of good- for-you vitamins and stuff.
Summer has arrived in my part of the world finally. Nice to see all the sun and for all those that like the heat---Enjoy. Maybe the pool will finally heat up enough to swim. Labor Day is the the last day traditionally around here for pools. Open them them on Memorial Day and close them on Labor Day. That's the way it happens here. Just as summer finally arrives its back to school again. Most of the kids go back the end of the month, even the colleges. Seems like a short season this year, but maybe it's just me.
That's about it for today. Just wanted to stop by and leave a few words lying around in cyberspace.

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