Friday, August 28, 2009

Rainy Days

Rainy day today. Feels like the beginning of autumn. Almost is too. September's peaking over the horizon now. Frost instead of dew in the morning arrives shortly afterward up here. That means the bugs don't wake up as early though; so sitting on the deck with the morning coffee will be more enjoyable. Won't miss the little buggers either. But before all that happens there's generally one last warm up. So the melancholy can wait for a while.
Not much newsworthy conversation again. There's a rumor of a short "vacation" in the mill, but no reservations anywhere. It'll be a flyby of a couple of history type spots and a few days with relatives. That doesn't qualify as vacation in my book, but it's priced right. Having to buy a new car has really cramped the style around here IMHO. Ah, well. A dead vehicle in the driveway is worse yet, assuming you want to go somewhere that is. If you need a place to store stuff or plant petunias, then it's another story.
That's one of the things that really is odd up here. No, I'm not a native of the area. Dead vehicles are cheaper than sheds and I suppose they don't hit the tax roles. Which is another odd thing. The tax structure seems to be set up to encourage slumlike living. If the property looks good and is well kept it gets taxed more. So to avoid taxes, don't mow and don't fix up things. Gotta wonder what folks are thinking. Oh, and they don't have any service to get rid of large items like washers or sofas. Just throw them in a creek somewhere. But, they do have that service. You haul it to some place and pay them. What, you don't have some old pickup to do that? Gee.
Oh well. That's the way it is and probably will be for some time to come. Change isn't something that happens much around here. Status quo is good. Don't rock the boat.
So much for the rant. Yes, I feel better. No, it doesn't solve anything, but at least I had my say. That's one of the points of this anyway. A place to rant and no one hears.

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