Thursday, February 11, 2010

Just Wondering

Anybody notice it snowed a little here and there? Tonight it's the DFW area with the big white cloud over it on the radar. Might get a foot or so. That's really big news in that part of the country. Yankees, on the other hand, shouldn't be amazed that it snows in February. You'd think it was something unusual they way the reports have come in. Almost a hysterical. How'd they get along years ago?

That 24-7 news cycle has not been the best idea since they must have something to cover during all those minutes of broadcast time. So magnify whatever is out there. Or talk about what could've been out there as if it really was or might be soon. The end of the world probably won't get as much coverage as whether another snowflake fell on DC. Yeah, I know if the world ended no one would be there to report it, but assuming they were broadcasting from Mars or somewhere. Give me a break.

Did you hear the big, giant announcement? Yeah, that one. Iran has nukes. Um, yeah. Anyone not already know that? There are probably a few others out there that have the same as well, but we'll not spoil their big announcements. Have to wonder about those guys sometimes. Understanding that mind and its operation is beyond me. Maybe the news guys I mentioned above will explain it to me in detail. Nah. It's only nukes. Let's continue to rant about Sarah or tea bags or something.

I guess I'm a bit over the edge with the poor media. Sorry guys. Just weary of all the opinions, rants, hyperbole. Should I go on to the government? No. Those guys are beyond comment. If any one of us including the CEO's some camps like to malign performed as poorly as they have we'd all be on the street immediately. But not those guys. Nope. Re-elect them all. November is so far away that by then the public will have forgotten their current anger and be so enamored of the latest pile of money they toss our way that we'll gladly re-elect them all. And we have the audacity to look at some one else's government with disdain. Have to wonder about too.

I feel so much better now. Blogs are good for something after all. Ready for Mardi Gras? Don't go? Well, what about Lent then? Don't do that either? Mardi Gras is out for me. I'd never get any beads. No need to show off some saggy body parts for some plastic beads.

Have been thinking about Lent though. Normally don't, so this is new for me. Just wondering what might be appropriate to celebrate it as a religious season. Giving up popcorn doesn't seem holy enough. Don't like it that much anyway.

What are the origins of Lent anyway? Looked up a quick history and apparently it's been around for a long time, has to do with actual fasting leading up to Easter. Found this site with a short history if anyone is interested besides me. My tradition normally doesn't celebrate Lent, but probably could benefit from giving it a try. After reading that I need to get a bit more serious, if I do intend to observe it this year. Let you know how that works out for me.

About out of wonderment for now. Wonder what some else wonders about when they read this? Besides my sanity, that is.

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