Monday, February 1, 2010

SAD Avatar Email

Looks like it's been a while since I've been around these parts. Well, I'm here now. Last time around it was some political stuff and looks like it's that way again. The latent activist awoke long enough to send a note to one of the congressmen that had a bunch of face time during the state of the union. And I even got a response. Automated, impersonal, but a response nonetheless. Not going to get all overheated describing the message or cause for it. That's old news by now anyway. Tried to send a similar message to the senate side but the amount of personal info that had to be filled out before the message could be sent was amazing. Fully expected that if I had given them all that I'd be on a no fly list or some other list. Isn't that a fine bit of cynicism?! Or is it?

Getting all excited about whether the groundhog will see his shadow or not. I can at least begin to think that the time of cold and gray and dark might have an end. On the up side the days are a full 30 minutes longer now. For those of us that have that real or otherwise winter malady known as SAD that's big news. Next marker will be a robin sighting or a crocus bloom.

Be putting up another review a little later. Just finished the book and I like to let it simmer for a bit before I let everyone know what I thought of it. Gives the author a fighting chance. So be on the look out for it.

I joined the ranks of the "I've seen Avatar" and helped it top the box office yet again. Interesting flick. Not Oscar material except for effects maybe IMO. Story line seemed like a mash-up of several other flicks. I guess they were drawing on the collective consciousness of movie goers to give it the depth the writers didn't. And what was with that opening scene of the Weaver character? But, it was a couple of hours spent wondering if the 3D would've worked better at an IMAX theater. Yes, I was disappointed with that, but it did give you the feeling of maybe being on the sound stage somewhere near the cameras. They are still called cameras, aren't they?

Been looking at some other blogs lately and have found that some are more or less op-ed forums that have been imbedded in some other larger blogish site. Don't know what I thought I was reading before. Duh. But, that said, I don't think I'll be going to all that trouble anytime soon. Researching for something like this isn't something I'm ready for yet. Besides, do opinions need research to back them up? Only if I'm trying to refute or correct maybe. Don't need all the ammo otherwise. What I think is what I think. Right, wrong, or otherwise.

Must be time to go do something else now. I could almost feel myself stamping my foot on that last bit. Besides, I do really need to get that review I mentioned earlier done.

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