Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snooze and Lose

It's late and I should be snoozing right now, but I'm not. Think I'm sitting up waiting for the snow to start or something equally as important. Weird. Do this every so often.

So what is there to talk about. Toyota? Nah. Too much ink and air on that one already. The Summit? Possibilities there but it hasn't happened yet. Sort of a non story at this point in time except that it's still supposed to happen. No one has back out yet. I'm with the pundits in thinking it's a show. One that isn't going to flatter anyone by the time it's over.

One good thing coming from this gridlock in Washington is that the electorate is more attentive to the proceedings. Or it seems so to me. That is a change in attitude. The question is will that translate to anything in November. Or, will all this have blown over by then? It's been my observation that the public generally forgets within about sixty days or less. Some other shiny object grabs our attention and off we go on that crusade. The politicians know that too.

One example using this principle has already appeared in the local paper. The Senator has "vowed to push" for some federal funds for the city. So by the time November arrives we should not remember any recent history he has of switching party affiliation when the winds of change blow in a new direction. We aren't supposed to remember how he voted in the healthcare debacle, er debate. Nope. Just that he fought for some money for the city. That has worked in the past and will probably be sufficient to get him re-elected later this year.

Looking for some sign of spring and not having much success. The junco's are still here, but I did see our groundhog out of his(?) burrow today. Bet he was surprised to find snow instead of tender new dandelion shots. He looks pretty sleek so there must be some nutritional value in frozen grass for him. Those little beasts can tunnel. He's been living under the storage shed for a couple of years and has it totally undermined. There's at least three different entrances around it now. Watched the local cat go in one of the holes once. Now he just sniffs at it. Wonder how that visit went for the cat? Not well would be my guess.

Must be time to wrap this up for today. Actually, it's now tomorrow. My all nighter is progressing well. Still no snow or sleep happening yet. Maybe check for some old old movie on the tube.

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