Saturday, July 10, 2010

July, Summer and Tigger

July and summer!  All kinds of fond memories.  Hot, hot weather.  Cold Kool-Aid, yeah the kind with all the sugar.  Riding all day and going no where in particular.  Watching my grandfather sitting under that little tiny maple in the side yard listening to Red's baseball and sipping a beer.  He'd let me taste it once in a while.  On a hot day it is really good. 

Some of the not so fond memories had to do with sunburns.  No such thing as SPF anything back then.  You were supposed to have enough common sense to come in before you burned.  Or at least get in the shade.  But every once in a while I didn't judge the tingle you get from a mild burn and blister myself.  That was July when I was a kid.  

July now?  Well, still like the warmth of the sun on my shoulders when I'm outside.  Don't spend as much time out as before.  Just don't and not because of concern about overexposure.  Speaking of lack of sun, I heard or read something the other day that now kids aren't getting enough vitamin D even with all the enriched stuff on the market.  Seems as if it's the lack of sun exposure.  Sheesh.  Something that easy and now it's a medical concern.  Have we forgotten how to live entirely now since so many warning labels have been plastered on every conceivable product and product ingredient?  Don't know and not going to get crazy over it either.  Instead, I'll see if it I can sit on my deck and soak up a few rays later on.

Have gotten another couple of books to review now.  One's ready to go in a day or two and the other is still in progress.  Sort of took a mini vacation from that mostly because they didn't have any titles I wanted to read.  Not doing fiction at all and children's books are out of my league.  I know not what it takes to make a decent kid's book.  There's something about the number of words and number of different words and grade level, etc.  Too much for someone who isn't around kids at all anymore.  That's a good thing too, for all concerned BTW.

Back when I said never again to having a pet.  And I meant it at the time. You already know what I'm going to say.  Yep, new pet.  I did make it about a year or so since the last one though.  New cat, adopted from the local shelter, of course.  About a year old and so far a really good animal.  Besides just missing not having a pet around, the mouse population has exploded.  So, having the little beast around will discourage the mice.  His scent is good enough for that.  Hope they take the hint before he figures out how to hunt.  So meet Tigger.  I didn't pick the name but that's who he is officially at the shelter.  So OK, Tigger will do. 

Have you ever adopted a pet from the shelter?  Neither had I.  The paper work is amazing.  You have to sign a zillion forms promising all kinds of stuff and have some character references.  For a cat!  I'm a cat lover, but it was easier becoming a parent.  The hospitals send you home with a brand new human person without all that paperwork and no little pamphlet on what to do if they act a certain way.  Maybe we should include that sort of thing for all parents.  Anyway here's my new cat.

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Enough for now.  Maybe get another post up before too long.  

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