Sunday, July 18, 2010

Review: Beyond Opinion

Beyond Opinion
Living the Faith We Defend
Ravi Zacharias, Author and General Editor
Thomas Nelson

Apologetics. Sounds imposing and I nearly missed this one because of that. Don’t make the same mistake. This book has been out in hardbound for a while, but just released in soft cover and I think that may help get it into more hands. It’s a compilation of articles that cover a wide range of topics including the “why bother with apologetics” lead piece. Further into the work the reader finds discussions related to atheism, Islam, Eastern religions and even science, all thoughtfully written and a great place to get an idea of the challenges to Christianity that are out there. As a general review or just a first look, this book offers a lot to the reader in its 350 or so pages.

But, wait there’s more. (Sorry, had to throw that out there.) Seriously though, I found the second section of the book, especially Cross Cultural Challenges by I’Ching Thomas, much more helpful in my current situation. Other readers may find a particularly helpful bit somewhere else along the way. I doubt that anyone will come away from this book empty handed.

Yes, this is a more difficult read than most. No, it’s not an academic read, but you will have to slow down and think about what is written if you intend to receive what they have to say. Personally, I think that is wonderful. Engaging with minds that have thought through what they believe and can articulate their views rationally is a find for those of us that want more. Content end notes are included and add depth to some of the discussions. Don’t skip them totally.

My only nit with this book is the smallish font size. I’m for saving all the trees we can, but in this case I’d sacrifice one more for the cause. I say scale down some of the short fiction pieces this publisher offers and use that paper for this book please.

Overall please take the time to read this book and share it among your friends. Better yet, talk about it with them over coffee or tea.

This book was furnished to me in exchange for this review by BookSneeze.

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