Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Meandering Through the Fields

Decided stop reading and do a little posting just so this is used for more than reviews.  That wasn't my initial reason to start blogging anyway.  Still isn't.  So why did I start this?

Initially a long time ago I wanted to write, like books and stuff.  Still do, but have discovered it's a wee bit more complicated especially if you want to be published.  I took a short course that required a blog so I signed up.  Later I abandoned it.  Disillusioned.  Alas.  Then for whatever reason I decided to reactivate it and returned to the blogosphere.  This time with no intent except to just do it.  Much better for me that way.

Have I given up on writing?  Not entirely, but have gotten more real about it.  I would like to give it another try in the publishing arena but have no illusions about my chances of being noticed.  That's OK.  Not ready for prime time anyway.  And the actual writing is the easy part for me.  The idea of book tours and conferences deter me more than a deadline.  So obscurity is a nice place.

I have learned a few things lately though.  I do have some good ideas.  That is a giant step forward for me.  I've had other impressions of my work as you may have guessed.  I'd do something and put it aside to discover later that it was something timely, not necessarily timeless though.  I expected the latter from the first feeble attempts.  I know, growth takes time but I had decided that meant someone else.   

What I'd like to do soon is be part of a writers group, but not sure I could handle the criticism yet.  And I don't know of any close by.  Probably looking for next door.  It's an excuse but one that works for now.  On to another topic. 

New kitty is acclimating well.  He's still exploring every nook and cranny.  Problem with that is that he thinks the outdoors is next on his list.  Not happening!  If I can prevent it, anyway. He's also discovered what fun live targets can be, meaning bugs.  Most of the bugs like to hang out towards the ceiling, so kitty tries to climb to the highest point near the bug.  Needless to say there have been several crashes that needed investigation recently.  Nothing severely damaged so far.

Speaking of damage and critters, I saw a black bear for the first time today.  There's been plenty of evidence of their activity from time to time, but not the bear itself.  No more.  Spotted him (her?) wandering through the neighbor's yard, which means he had just come through ours.  That's the wildlife track around here.  Surprisingly he didn't bother the trash that was waiting for pickup.  Maybe he had already foraged all he wanted elsewhere.  The thing that surprised me was seeing him during the early afternoon.  For some reason I had them out and about late at night or early in the morning.  Forget that myth now.  So now I can join the ranks of those that have seen a bear.  There's been several spotted just lately all over this area, or one that really gets around.  Don't know if that's unusual or I'm just hearing the reports more.

Not going to rant on the news.  Today, at least.  I will say I'm pleased that BP's cap is holding.  Hope it continues.  The clean up will probably end up done by some weather system.  Only thing that's big enough to do it in a real world scenario.  The legal wrangling will go on for years so no point in getting too excited about that.  Yes, the little guy will lose in the end but that's the way of the world it seems.  For now.  There will be a time when that isn't the case.

This looks long enough.  Too long and it's just too much bother if anyone did want to read it.  So back to the reading again.  I've got one more review outstanding right now.  Get it done and then I relax for a while.  It is summer and that's what it's about.  Right?

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