Monday, March 2, 2015

Q&A a day: 365 questions, 5 years, 1,825 answers from Potter Style

Review: Q&A a day: 365 questions, 5 years, 1,825 answers
Potter Style

I’m already having a great time with this book.  Simply love the idea.  A question a day and a couple of lines to write your answer.  No rummaging around in the psyche or any of that sort of thing here, unless you want to later.  The question of the day today was “Salty or sweet?  Answer it anyway you want.  It’s just what pops into your head first.  My answer involved chocolate, of course.  If you’re a writer type maybe you could use the question as a prompt for your daily exercise.  

The physical aspects of the book remind me of the old fashioned diaries, but with heavier paper for the pages.  Nice writing surface and attract layout.  Feels sturdy enough to make through the five year plan.  The premise is that you can watch your own evolution as you circle back to your start point each year.  I’m going to be watching to see if that happens or not. 

Go get yourself one of these little books and have some fun with a diary. 

I received this book from the publisher in return for a review.

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