Thursday, March 19, 2015

Review: NIV Proclamation Bible: Correctly Handling the Word of Truth from Zondervan

Review: NIV Proclamation Bible: Correctly Handling the Word of Truth

Another version of the NIV?  Wow!  Not sure about the why’s, but this one is different as far as the extra-biblical features are concerned.  The text of the biblical portions is the NIV 2011, and I will not comment on that leaving the language experts to their jobs.  The format is dual column, paragraph form with verse numbering, and center column cross references.  The main text font that looks to be in the neighborhood of a 12 point.  My eyes thank the publishers for that.  The copy I have is hardbound and lays flat and has two ribbon markers.  There’s a concordance and color maps included.  

The study information included with this version is a group of articles at the beginning that pertain to good Bible study methods such as a biblical overview, how to study without distorting the meaning and context, and even theology.  None of the articles are long or difficult, and I found them to be very helpful.  Each major section of the Bible, like the historical books or the prophets, has an introductory overview and then each book has its own introduction.  One of the features within those articles I liked was the short list of further readings the author of the article offered.  This feature is present throughout this version.

What made this version different for me is the array of scholarly sources and contributors.  I had learned the names of many scholars from my own tradition, and, to be honest, had begun to think of them as the “only” ones to read.  Happily, I have found many others that have much to offer as well.
This is a Bible to study from and not a study Bible, as we have come to define it.  If you are expecting the explanations and commentaries alongside of the text, this is not the version you want.  The comment on the jacket is confusing in my opinion, but a look at the excerpt available on some internet retail sites will shed light on what this or any other Bible versions offer.

I do recommend this Bible and think the reader will benefit from the articles included and other sources listed.  There’s even some help on leading a group study!  

I received this book from the publisher via BookLook blogger site in return for a review.

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