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Review: More Than Just The Talk: Becoming Your Kids’ Go-to Person about Sex by Jonathan McKee

Review: More Than Just The Talk: Becoming Your Kids’ Go-to Person about Sex
Jonathan McKee
Bethany House Publishers

More Than Just The TalkAt last!!  It’s OK to say “sex” and not spell it or find some euphemism for it.  And this is a biblically based book.  We’re off to a good start already.

 McKee has two primary themes throughout the book.  Don’t freak out, and talk to your kids often.  He admits the conversations can be awkward since most of us have grown up whispering about this subject.  The kids today, just like we were once upon a time, need good information and guidance related to sexual behavior delivered in a loving environment in rational discussions.  What is appropriate, how far, what about same sex attractions, are certain practices really sex?   There’s more, but you get the idea.  

As he makes abundantly clear, the messages found in the media are giving the wrong signals to whoever watches or listens related to sexual behavior and perceptions.  He uses current examples from the music industry, cinema, TV, internet, and he doesn’t forget the phones.  There’s plenty of research on the lasting behavioral effects related to the using those examples as role models. There’s no ranting here though.  He’s interested in dealing with the parents so that they can help their kids make wiser choices for their own lives.  Boundaries, responsibility, balanced responses---things like that.  Things that we all can do to help right now, and hopefully established open channels for the future.

What I found most helpful wasn’t his stating that there’s bad stuff out there that’s billed as cool, but was the way to handle yourself when you either discover evidence of poor choices being made, or when your child asks those questions that require rational, truthful answers.  How not to freak out.  (Basic communication skills that go out the window, sometimes.)  Talk to your kids, often.  The themes you meet early in this book and you will revisit regularly.  

I do recommend this book and wish it had been written long ago.

This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for a review.

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